Modernization and building a new scientific and research infrastructure at the Military University of Technology and the Warsaw University of Technology

for the needs of joint numerical and experimental research on aviation turbine engines

Gas Turbine Center >About the Center

The Gas Turbine Center is an investment realized as a part of the “Modernization and construction of the new research and development infrastructure of the Military University of Technology and the Warsaw University of Technology for the requirements of common numerical and experimental research on aviation turbine engines, co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007 – 2013.

Institute of Aviation, together with Polish universities, creates a common space to conduct a variety of scientific research and tests in the field of heavy engineering and modern technology. Aerodynamic tunnel - created on The Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology – and simulation control systems of turbine engines, operating on the Military University of Technology along with the emerging Gas Turbine Center will form a unique laboratory base which, thanks to the competences and skills of experienced engineers and high class specialists, will allow to conduct various research and development work.

One of the main purposes of the Gas Turbine Center is to bring engineers closer to the products they design every day. Local tests and analysis will help to examine the newly designed components in a fast and efficient way and make all the needed corrections immediately. Such activities will also increase the competence of our engineering teams and will make the quality of the work carried out reach an even higher level.

The Gas Turbine Center will consist of:

  • An Assembly Shop  – equipped, among other things, with a gas turbine simulator dedicated to trainings mainly related to assembly/disassembly and inspection of the turbine components
  • Repair Shop – divided into Joining and Fixturing & Prototyping Department with processing spaces such as Inspection Room, Inductive Room, Braze Application Room and many others
  • Engineering Design and Service Offices
  • Innovation Workshop – intended for building 3D models to test new ideas
  • Vacuum Chamber – created for examining fan and rotating elements of aircraft engines and industrial engines

The possibility of studying gas turbines in a such wide spectrum, (0,5 MW- 250 MW), innovative spaces, state-of-the-art instrumentation and direct access to experienced and qualified automation specialists, programmers, designers and service engineers make the new center the only such place on the technological map of Europe.