Modernization and building a new scientific and research infrastructure
at the Military University of Technology and the Warsaw University of Technology

Equipment and Instrumentation

The complex of buildings that make up the Gas Turbine Center has many state of the art machines, equipment and professional instrumentation essential for conducting engineering work. Every single device will be assigned to a particular space dedicated to specific tests and researches from aviation and energy areas.

Assembly Shop

Single-space Assembly Shop of 360 m2 will be equipped with two overhead cranes  50 metric tons each, operated from the ground level. There will also appear a Gas Turbine Simulator that will be used for instrumentation tests and turbine servicing, thanks to which, besides preforming inspections, training for assembly and disassembly of particular turbine components will also be possible. 

The main technological equipment will include:

  • A Gas turbine
  • Stands with turbine valves
  • Stands with ball bearings and thrust bearing
  • Scaffolding enabling access to the turbine (environment simulating customers’ sites and field conditions)
  • Innovative instrumentation for conducting tests and data validation

Repair Shop with processing rooms

Double-spaced, one-storey hall of 1000 m2, will be equipped with two overhead cranes with one trolley, first 16 metric tons (Fixturing & Prototyping department) and second metric 8 tons (joining department). The space will be divided into Tooling and Fixturing Prototyping and on Joining Cell. The machines will be used for:

  • Assembly and creating prototypes of instrumentation and wide sort of different fixturing
  • Welding and Metal addition both manual and robotized
  • High temperature furnace brazing (and inductive brazing)
  • heat treating
  • Machining
  • Dimensional inspection

Engineering work will be done using:

  • milling machines, lathes, belt grinders, cutters, wire electrical discharge machine (WEDM), grinding machines
  • coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and portable measuring arm (FaroArm)
  • vacuum heat treatment furnace and atmosphere furnaces
  • welding machines for the following welding methods: TIG, MMA, MIG/MAG/CMT, PAW
  • grit blasting machines, ultrasonic washer
  • inductive sources
  • Welding robot
  • Compressor room

In separate areas there will also be available: a welding robot, compressor room, gas farm, and a brazing application room. Tooling & Fixturing Prototyping Center, called the Innovation Workshop will be a separate room designed specifically to allow the engineers free creative work and new  engineering approach such as Fast Work.

Relaxed atmosphere of this place together with the available consumables and tools will let the engineers quickly build prototype parts, which they design in their everyday work. Tooling & Fixturing Prototyping Center creates conditions to not only for making 3D parts, but also for their in-detail testing.

Zdjęcie sprzętu w hali naprawZdjęcie sprzętu w hali napraw

Design and service offices

In the low, three-story brick building with of nearly 4 thousand square meters, there will be office space for the design and services engineering teams and the technicians.

The Vacuum Chamber

The Vacuum Chamber will be the crucial element of Gas Turbine Center. It will measure 5, 5 meters in internal diameter and will be 7, 6 meters long. One of its main tasks will be conducting tests connected with fans and rotating elements of turbine engines. With this equipment it will be possible to carry out tests involving shooting a blade into a certain area of nacelle, and other certification testing required by the agencies, authorize engines for wide use.  

Conducting researches in a vacuum environment will allow to reduce the costs of energy need for boosting the engine, and will serve the natural environment.

The Vacuum Chamber is a perfect tool to examine profile of statistic and dynamic load of a tested subject. Its construction is designed to safely stop the tested element, which undergoes intentional damage in speeds reaching 12 000 r/sec. The Chamber will be equipped with vacuum pumps that will lower the inner pressure to 1-2 mm Hg and a 6 MW drive.



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